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The new SXtab RTK is a rugged and versatile tablet it is the perfect match of precision, mobility, and peace of mind. This product is made and equipped with the goal of facilitating its use and the mobility of professional field workers. You can step into the field with only one device and achieve high accuracy quickly. When connected to an RTK network the tablet can achieve an accuracy under 2 cm. This tablet is running an Android OS that is bringing a wide variety of compatible data collection applications and allowing a perfect all-in-one solution.


The SXtab features an 8-inch and sunlight-readable display. With the IP65 certification, it will endure the harshest outdoor conditions. The tablet’s capability to receive RTK corrections is powered by a varied connectivity system of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular networks. It has an SD card slot and a Micro SIM card slot.

The biggest advantage of the tablet is the all-in-one aspect. You only need to carry one device to achieve great accuracy. You can then freely export or share your data on the cloud or by email because the tablet has access to many applications or a web browser.

There is no Bluetooth issue or forgetting equipment or any other problems that can come up when working. The hand strap or pole option lets you collect data in a very efficient way.

The tablets let you have great compatibility with the many GIS applications on the Android platform like FieldGenius and ArcGIS Collector. The high processing power lets you have base maps projected without any latency or decrease in performance. With the external antenna and an RTK connection, we had an accuracy of 1.43 cm. With only the tablet in our hands, we had 1,85 cm. This was in a cloudy condition in January. The external Antenna is mostly used for better signal acquisition in an area where the is physical interference like building or trees.

This product offers a nice alternative to other GPS and GNSS option on the market. It is a great entry point into the data collecting world.


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