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What is SBAS in GPS? SBAS Made Easy.

To understand how Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) such as WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/GAGAN work, the conventional method of real-time differential correction (LBAS) will first be presented along with the factors affecting local DGPS accuracy. (Note that this section does not deal with carrier-phase differential).  

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Where to subscribe to SBAS?

Open source SBAS subscription information

Credible sources of information about SBAS sources

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What is Datum in surveying?

A Word about Datum

When asked “what is the reference frame used by GPS?”, one will answer of course: “WGS 84”. But when asked which revision of WGS 84, there might not be an answer at all. Furthermore, GPS, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN, etc), Omnistar, radio beacon, local base stations, etc, all use different datum or reference frames. It is very important to understand the differences between the various implementations within a specific datum and make sure that the maps and GPS data are in the same revision of the datum used.

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What is GPS Error Budget

This section provides a brief and simple overview of GPS, a summary of the errors associated with the measurements, and the various types of differential corrections.

  • GPS – How it Works
  • The Error Budget and the Need for Differential Correction

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GPS correction services:

Atlas to the rescue

Atlas is Hemisphere GNSS’s new GNSS correction service, offering the most innovative correction service available in the industry, providing performance that meets or exceeds services by other industry leaders, at market-leading prices.

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How accurate is RTK? SmartNet Corrections

SmartNet was built to provide high-precision, high-availability Network RTK corrections for any application, using any constellation, while at the same time being open to all. With a robust, traceable, and repeatable Network RTK correction users of SmartNet can expect centimeter-level accuracies tied to a common datum.

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FieldGenius-The most powerful and productive data collection software

  • Code-free linework: Linework is created automatically without entering codes and is instantly displayed, eliminating the need for a separate sketch. No need to connect the dots back at the office.
  • Advanced display with live graphics and intuitive interface. Logical icons, customizable toolbars, smart objects and easy to use GPS and total station controls. Standard or high-definition devices!

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How to export Shapefiles and collect field data with FieldGenius?

Some thoughts and examples of Creating, Tuning, and Optimizing the collection of GIS features and attributes for GIS using MicroSurvey FieldGenius v9.

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SXblue ToolBox

The application is able to record, save and transfer the raw data from the GNSS receiver allowing post-processing activities on computers for surveying and geomatics professionals. The application includes a series of audible and visual alarms that are configurable by the user to determine the thresholds of the information provided by the SXblue GNSS receiver.

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Case Study on our SXBlue II + GNSS

Authors: Michael Joyce, Ph.D. Ron Moen, Ph.D.
Natural Resources Research Institute
University of Minnesota Duluth
Driven to Discover.

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The new generation of Collector for ArcGIS is available!

Many of you have been using the ArcGIS platform’s field data collection application since its release in 2013. A new version of the application, completely redesigned, is available on iOS and soon on Android

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NET20 by Sx Blue

Robust and easy to use, the Net20 Pro a long-term investment. Its efficiency and flexibility assure you high-quality data for your projects, and for many years. Ensure the proximity and reliability of your reference station while eliminating your RTK corrections service charge.

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WaterPoint Network

WaterPoint Network (WPN) is a comprehensive utility management system that integrates asset management, leak detection, and work order management in a single iPad app in real-time.

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SXblue RTK rugged tablet

This product offers a nice alternative to other GPS and GNSS option on the market. It is a great entry point into the data collecting world.

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SXblue GPS