SXBlue Series
Go Real-time, All the Time!

What makes the difference? What is unique about the SXBlue GPS?
The SXBlue series use SBAS to full potential and as the only needed source of differential correction for an all-day DGPS operation. We invite you to read more about these key advantages

Deliver More With Less

• Incredible 3.7" VGA outdoor screen
• Built-in Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS cellular modem
• Built-in GPS, Bluetooth and 3MP Camera
• Rugged, Waterproof, Lightweight
• Very affordable


• Apple-Approved Bluetooth Compatibility
• High Accuracy Submeter GPS/GLONASS
• Palm-sized with all day battery life
• Rugged, waterproof

SXPad Pro L1

• Integrated cellular modem (GSM)
• Ruggedized for extreme conditions
• True sunlight readable screen
• Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro

SXBlue News

The iSXBlue View was greatly improved for GIS users.


The location tab has been updated to display horizontal accuracy, GPS and GLONASS satellite information, Fix type and DOP information. We have included an additional tab to view all the satellites tracked and used.

We have also enhanced the map location display for better position visualization.

Click here for the appllication download

For iOS developpers, get the SDK here !

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